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Daniel Scher of @keypress is helping us integrate GSP and The Dynamic Number Project


I’ve been a fan of Geometer’s Sketchpad (GSP) since 1994 when I first learned about it as a Senior at Bryn Mawr College. It is among the best examples of educational software out there, as you actually learn the math by using the tool. I wrote a post in January about using GSP to do tessellations in 6th grade math, and Daniel Scher* contacted me about maybe collaborating to integrate The Dynamic Number Project and other great resources.

Last week, Daniel came to The School at Columbia University to meet a select group of teachers, technologists, and math liaisons. He’ll be showing them how to integrate The Dynamic Number Project and GSP into their curriculum, make constructions with GSP, and use the soon-to-be-launched iPad app of GSP! While the initial GSP app will only run interactive scripts, the next iteration will allow the user to make constructions. By getting the teachers’ hands on an iPad2 installed with the GSP app in June, we’re hoping to hit the ground running in September.

* Daniel Scher is a Senior Scientest at KCP Technologies. As per their website, KCP Technologies is the software research and development affiliate of Key Curriculum Press. KCP Technologies developed The Geometer’s Sketchpad®and Fathom Dynamic Data™ SoftwareI’ve used both, and they are both awesome. More information about Daniel is pasted from his professional vitae below:

Daniel is a principal investigator for the NSF-funded project Introducing Dynamic Number as a Transformative Technology for Number and Early Algebra. Previously, Daniel was a program director at Best Practices in Education, where he specialized in educational technology applications and the adaptation of the Elkonin-Davydov mathematics curriculum for first and second graders. He investigated the epistemology and mathematics of Dynamic Geometry® while a researcher at Education Development Center. He is the author of Exploring Conic Sections with The Geometer’s Sketchpad and is the co-author of a geometry textbook and a precalculus Sketchpad module. Daniel received a BA in Mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989, an MS in Mathematics Education from Cornell University in 1993, and a PhD in Mathematics Education from New York University in 2002. (http://www.kcptech.com/pages/daniel.html)

The Dynamic Number Project: http://www.kcptech.com/dynamicnumber/curriculum.html

Key Curriculum Press on Twitter: @keypress

My 6th Grade tessellations project: http://karenblumberg.com/tessellations-with-geometers-sketchpad-in-6th

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