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Making flying things with @dylanmryder and @kfittinghoff’s Maker Club at @The_School:










Dylan Ryder is the Intermediate Division Educational Technologist (grades 3-5) here at The School at Columbia University, and Kevin Fittinghoff is the Intermediate Division Principal. They partnered to facilitate the Maker Club which met 2 hours every two weeks for the past few months. In previous sessions, they’ve made paper crafts and paper circuits. Today’s mission was to build paper flying machines: planes, fish, boomerangs, propellers, tumbling fish, helicopters, air surfers, parachutes, and a tumbling winged bat.

Dylan created a GoogleDoc of resources he gathered for the kids. This page contains links to instructions, photos, and video tutorials for making a bunch of different stuff. He explained that they were responsible for choosing activities, following instructions, working together, and asking questions.

If you’d like him to share the GoogleDoc with you, he can be reached on Twitter at @dylanmryder.

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Just had our first Tweetup at @The_School! Lots of teachers and administrators in attendance. :)


We just had our first Tweetup at The School at Columbia University. (I was totally inspired by the iPad App Shares that Gina Marcel (@fpgina) initiated this year.) For about 45 minutes after school today, teachers and administrators joined together to talk about how we can/do use Twitter to build a PLN (be it a Personal or Professional Learning Network) and collaborate, share, learn with others.

My 3 immediate goals were for attendees to share:
1. How to find people to follow
2. What “chats” to join
3. How to use a hashtag

I showed Jerry Blumengarten’s (@cybraryman1) ridiculously comprehensive list of educational chat hashtags: http://www.cybraryman.com/chats.html

In attendance today were:
Kathryn Kaiser (@110kaiser), Primary Division Head (K-2)
Kevin Fittinghoff (@kfittinghoff), Intermediate Division Head (3-5)
Belinda Nicholson, Middle Division Head (6-8)
Don Buckley (@donbuckley), Director of Innovation
Cristina Martinez (@cmfinlay), Server Manager Extraordinaire
Karen Blumberg (@SpecialKRB), Technology Integrator (5-8)
Stacy Bolton, Director of Communications
Nadine Renazile (@infobirdie), Librarian (5-8)
Nancy Wong (@scampnyc), Math Liasion (K-2)
Joyce Tsang (@jyc_nyc), Kindergarten Teacher
Catherine Georges (@CatherinGeorges), 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher
Clarisa Leal (@leal_cm), Spanish Teacher (multi-grade)
Talia Gonzalez (@TaliaGonzalez2), Spanish Teacher (multi-grade)

Based on the success of today’s gathering, Don (my boss) suggested holding another share in two weeks. 🙂


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