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Notes for “3D Designing and Printing” with @KKleinNYC at @Teach21c on 11/7/15. #MakerEd #STEAM

Here is the description of the workshop from the Teach21 website:
Let’s talk about the basics of a variety of design thinking protocols and explore how to create 3D designs using Tinkercad, 123D Design, and other tools. These 3D files can be exported to a 3D printer while discussing possible integrated project ideas in Math, Science, Art, Social Studies across Upper Elementary and Middle School grades. You’ll leave the workshop with more confidence about the 3D design landscape and how to build a network of teachers interested in designing and making.
This is a half-day workshop from 9:00 – 11:30. Please stay after the workshop and join us for a complimentary lunch.
Instructors: Karen Blumberg and Catherine Klein

Here are the slides for our workshop:

Here is the GoogleDoc of resources:


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Watching @KKleinNYC’s 6th graders use iPads to access a shared @Dropbox folder of supplementary resources. #mathchat

I saw a tweet from Katie Hildebrandt (@KKleinNYC) and was inspired to check out what was happening in her 6th grade math classroom. She wrote that today she “realized handouts are a thing of the past” so I was curious what she and her students were specifically doing.

Katie’s 6th graders are currently multiplying decimals. She and her associate teacher are particularly adept at differentiating instruction to the wide range of learners in their classes. Besides our 1:1 laptop program, Katie has a set of iPads available. Katie created a folder of resources and shared this to each device using Dropbox. Now, students have an instant, paperless way to choose from a variety of challenges to meet their needs.





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