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Maneki Neko prototypes at #DesignDoDiscover @Chadwick_Int! #d3CI #cihosts #MakerEd #elemaker #STEAM

I’m having an awesome time collaborating with teachers here at Design Do Discover’s Songdo edition at Chadwick International School. The FABulous team of coaches includes: Jaymes Dec (FabLab Coordinator at The Marymount School), Sarah Barnum (Science Teacher/Bourn Fellow at The Castilleja School), Gary Donahue (Department Chair of Technology, Making, and Design at Chadwick International School), and Andrew Carle (Village School Maker and Atelierista at Chadwick International School).
Here are some links about the program:
Design Do Discover Chadwick School: https://sites.google.com/view/ddd-ci
Design Do Discover year-round: https://making.marymountnyc.org/page/events/design-do-discover
GoogleGroup of FabLab and Maker educators: http://bit.ly/fabmakegroup

My partners today were Alice Cha of Seoul International School and Landy Hwang & Ivy Choi of Yew Chung International School in Beijing, China. We decided to create interactive Maneki Neko sculptures — these could be powered using different platforms depending on what hardware or software you have at your disposal:

  • Hummingbird programmed in Scratch
  • Arduino programmed in Ardublocks or Snap for Arduino or mBlock
  • LEGO WeDo programmed in Scratch or Mindstorms
  • EV3 programmed in Scratch or Mindstorms
  • MakeBlock programmed in Scratch or mBlock
  • littleBits

Here are some photos of the process:​

Here are our notes about the project:

Here are photos from the intro session with the whole group (pay attention to my new favorite caffeinated peppermint gum):

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Searching for LEGO Mindstorms NXT project ideas with @gbenedisgrab

Greg Benedis-Grab (@gbenedisgrab) stopped by just now and asked if I knew where to find ideas for robotics projects. I haven’t taught Robotics or Programming in a few years, so I googled NXT project ideas and similar search words. He and I spent a few minutes examining the results, and we liked the following resources:

Dr. Graeme’s collection of projects:

Tutorials from Official MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Bonus Models

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy (via Adrienne Gifford @edtechlove on Twitter!)

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Robo Expo

I’m one of the organizers of the Robo Expo, now in it’s 6th year of offering a kid-friendly, age-appropriate, low-key afternoon of sharing robotics projects and solving programming challenges. Mainly Manhattan independent schools with designated technology classes or afterschool clubs attend the event.

After a 30-minute or so exhibition where kids show off interesting robots or mechanical games or projects, we set up the series of challenges. Here’s a dinosaur from one of the older participants:

NXT dinosaur

There is a “Collect the Cans” area where students gather more cans than their opponents:

collect the cans

There are some line-following mats with differently shaped black lines to challenge the light sensor:

follow the line

And a “Get Out of the Box” and “Over the Wall” heat as well:

out of the box

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