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Notes and pics from #edcampIS at @BrynMawrSchool this a.m. Thanks, @MontySays! #NAISac

@edcampIS is a traveling edcamp which follows the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) annual conference. This year’s location was sunny Baltimore, Maryland, and my fellow organizer, Shannon Montague (@MontySays), hosted #edcampIS at her wonderful school, The Bryn Mawr School. It was awesome to visit such a special learning environment which was apparently founded to be a feeder school for my alma mater, Bryn Mawr College. Thank you, for the history lesson, Shannon! Many thanks to the Edcamp Foundation for providing an Edcamp-in-a-Box which includes $200 towards the event. Due to Shannon’s uncanny knack for ordering from @PaneraBread, we had a magnificent spread for all of us that was within 47 cents of our total budget!

It was an intimate group that gathered in the Upper School Library this morning (“small and mighty” as tweeted by Jonathan E. Martin). Besides Shannon and me, our group consisted of Chris Shriver, Peter Gow, Jonathan Martin, Tammy Rice, Jen Cort, Amanda Macomber, Kristen Kennedy, Molly Smith, and Alex Northrup. As per any edcamp or unconference conversation, I always say that any and all who show up are the right people. We remained in a circle for much of the morning, enjoying a robust conversation which included: Sharing key takeaways from NAIS, thinking about school design, fostering a culture of innovation, educating students to be awesome grown-ups, getting out of our bubbles, embracing vulnerability, and sustaining social justice initiatives throughout the curriculum. Later in the morning, we divided into two groups for either a tour of Bryn Mawr School’s wonderfully impressive innovation spaces given by the incomparable Kristen Kennedy or a little more conversation and carbs in the library.

Here is a link to our GoogleDoc of shared notes that are also embedded below:

Below are some photos from the Upper School and Middle School spaces. Check out all the Harkness Tables that are all over the high school and also in 8th grade classrooms. I posted images of the Innovation Lab where Kristen Kennedy works her magic in a separate post….

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Co-presenting “Aligning PD with your School’s Mission” with @lizbdavis @ksivick. #NAISac #isedchat

I’m excited to be at another National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) annual conference presenting with Liz Davis and Kim Sivick. Our session (today at 11:15am in room 329) is entitled, Aligning Professional Development With Your School’s Mission. Here are our slides:
Direct link: http://tinyurl.com/NAISPD17

And here’s the description from the program:
Aligning Professional Development With Your School’s Mission
This session tells how to balance the interests of your faculty with the mission of your school while getting the biggest bang for your professional development buck. You will discover ways to leverage the experts in your own building; find sources of outside experts and nontraditional “unconferences”; and take advantage of teacher coaching, action research, professional learning networks, online groups, and more. Throughout, the emphasis will be on prioritizing professional growth plans based on the mission, vision, and goals of your school.

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Slides from the workshops I co-presented with @ksivick @hadleyjf @lizbdavis and other resources from #naisac14

The National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) just held their annual conference this week in Orlando, Florida. While it rained the first two days, at least it was a warm rain and not the icy rain that has been plaguing New York City. I was really honored to be at the conference as an NAIS Teacher of the Future and as a presenter. I led a 3-hour workshop with Kim Sivick (@ksivick), Hadley Ferguson (@hadleyjf), and Liz Davis (@lizbdavis) on Wednesday and a 1-hour session with Kim and Hadley on Friday – both were titled, Learn Outside the Box: A World of Professional Learning Opportunities. Our slide decks are below.

Slides from our 3-hour presentation are here:

Slides from our 1-hour session are here:

Here is a smattering of some of the great ideas worth spreading shared at NAIS this year:
– Eric Whitacre (@EricWhitacre) founded the magical Virtual Choir and offered a keynote at NAIS and favorited my tweet:
Screenshot 2014-03-03 at 2.11.26 PM

– Some of the NAIS Teachers of the Future presented about their various passion projects.
Their slides are here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1SbjGfLAjQ3O3sRu2h6BKtltLkxNExEpqI4ldRKCp0Ws/edit
The backchannel from their talk is here: https://todaysmeet.com/NAISTOF

– Stephanie Castle (@castlestephanie) has an amazing YouTube channel of IB science videos she created with ExplainEverythinghttp://www.youtube.com/user/SCScienceVid

– Mary Cantwell (@scitechyedu) has an awesome website where she writes about her DEEP design thinking protocol: Discover Empathize Experiment Produce. http://deepdesignthinking.com

– Lorri Carroll (@lcarroll94) and Justine Fell (@justfell) led a great speed innovating workshop about using Aurasma for communicating and sharing. I mentioned that I had been talking with Karlyn Adler (Kindergarten teacher at The School) and Katie Pabarue (1st Grade teacher at The School) about using Aurasma for parent shares and book reviews and school tours. Children’s artwork could trigger a video of the kid describing their work. A class photo of the choir could trigger a video from a performance. A book cover could trigger a child’s review of the book. The classroom door sign could trigger a montage video of the teacher and students in action.

– David Held (@dheld) showed off awesome Art and Technology projects during the speed innovating workshop. He also told me that there is an @Arduino shield that can communicate with Vernier probes! Here’s the link for the shield: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11897
I tweeted about it
, and Vernier responded (!) with a link to get started with sample programs: http://www.vernier.com/engineering/arduino/

– Sarah Hofstra is organizing a Hybrid Learning Consortium Summer Symposium in June that I wish I could attend.

– Teach21 (@Teach21c) is going west and partnering with The Hamlin School in San Francisco in June. Master teachers will be leading professional development workshops for other teachers: https://teach21.theschool.columbia.edu/

The tweets from #naisac14 can be viewed using this Tagboard: https://tagboard.com/naisac14


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