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3D designing & printing Xingming Yin (personal name seals) in Class 8 Mandarin. @BrearleyNYC #MakerEd #NYCISTk6

I’m currently working with Yue Tang and Yusi Gao, Class VIII Mandarin teachers at The Brearley School, on a Xingming Yin (personal name seals) project. Historically and currently, a yin is a seal or stamp used to “prove identity on documents, contracts, art, or similar items where authorship is considered important.” After learning about Ian Klapper’s medieval seals and “moveable type” projects at Construct3D conference, I was inspired to suggest this to the Mandarin teachers.

Yue and Yusi allotted three class periods for students to design a seal in Tinkercad, print their stamp on our Makerbot printers, and try using the finished product. The steps involved are:

  • Create a hand-drawn design
  • Use Photoshop to isolate the ink
  • Flip the image horizontally
  • Export as JPG
  • Convert JPG to SVG (with online converter)
  • Import SVG to Tinkercad
  • Place SVG onto a box
  • 3D print

Here are the slides I shared with the Brearley girls to help them navigate the Photoshop and Tinkercad steps at their own pace:

Today, I’m going to run to a stationery store to purchase sealing wax (which melts via an embedded wick like a candle) and wax glue sticks that can be heating through a glue gun. With better planning, I would have ordered these three items below via Amazon:

Here are my slides from a presentation about this project at a NYCISTk6 meetup with other technology teachers from NYC independent schools:

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List of resources shared at the #NYCISTedu (or #babyNYCIST or #NYCISTk6) meeting today:



The K-5 Curricular spinoff of NYCIST met at the Trinity School for our seasonal meeting. Here are the apps that were shared by my fellow technologists:

— Rob Keith showed Type Drawing:

— Stephen Lewis showed off two apps he is developing: Word Wall and Our Picture Words:
Contact Stephen to beta test his apps.

— Francesca Zammarano showed artifacts from her Collaboratory at UNIS and demonstrated how to make a circuit!

— Zach Brewer showed the Do Ink app for animation and drawing:

— Judith Seidel shared stop-motion animation projects with whiteboards, LEGOs, and claymation before sharing iStopMotion for Timelapse:

Two good iPad mounts:

Now’s as good a time as any to also share these two recent things that I was glad to notice:
1. A Technology Integration Matrix shared on two separate Google+ Communities: EdTechWomen and Instructional Technology Integrators & Coaches.
Click here for the link: http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/gradelevel.php

2. This “What do you want kids to do with technology?” image I saw retweeted by Shelly Terrell (@shellterrell) over the summer:


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