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I coded some interactive faces with @p5xjs! Excited to share these with @BrearleyNYC’s Math Dept. #STEMed #STEAM #mathchat #CCfestNYC

1. Mouse movements cause eyes to look left or right


2. Mouse movements cause eyes to cross:


3. Sounds animate facial features (a work in progress):


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6th graders programmed kaleidoscopes in Snap! Thank you, @paley2!

One awesome kiddo located images of me as costumes for her sprites…

In July, I took a week-long course about the Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum co-sponsored by CSNYC and TEALS. They organized a week of learning for us led by Josh Paley (@paley2). Josh adapts the BJC curriculum to teach computer science to high schoolers and college students. Josh shared numerous projects and examples and teaching strategies. While Snap (out of Berkeley) is super similar to Scratch (out of MIT), I have not seen any evidence that there is any East Coast vs. West Coast turf war. Snap is a BYOB environment (build your own block), which is a pretty powerful modification of Scratch. Here’s a Google Doc full of awesome resources that Josh shared with us: http://tinyurl.com/nycbjcaug2014

I replicated the Kaleidoscope program with 6th graders today, as it was one of the easier projects I did with Josh that just entailed having multiple sprites on the screen. The students and I had a great conversation about sprites, costumes, and rules of reflection about the x-axis and y-axis. Here is a link to the program: http://tinyurl.com/krbkaleidoscope — use the space bar starts the action and the c key clears the screen.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 3.56.47 PM

Thank you again to Cindy Gao of CSNYC, Nathaniel Granor of TEALS, and Josh Paley for a great week of inspiration!


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Just learned about a new free online textbook for learning Scratch visual programming environment

I just learned about a new free online textbook for learning Scratch visual programming environment. Michal Armoni and Moti Ben-Arico-wrote the book and are sharing it via a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. This means you are free to Share (copy, distribute and transmit the work) under the following conditions: Attribution (give them credit), Noncommercial (you can’t make money from it), and No Derivative Works (you may not alter, transform, or build upon this work).

As per the Weizmann Institute of Science’s website:

This book will familiarize you with the Scratch visual programming environment, focusing on using Scratch to learn computer science. The book is structured as a collection of tasks. Each chapter teaches a new concept, but the concept is introduced in order to solve a specific task such as animating dancing images or building a game. Each chapter starts with a simple task, but as soon as we solve one task, we add additional tasks to extend the existing task. The sequence of tasks will require a new construct of Scratch or the use of constructs you know in new ways.

Download (version 1.0 for Scratch 1.4, 5 May 2013):

Our other learning materials for Scratch:


  • The following articles: Learning computer science concepts with Scratch, Habits of programming in Scratch, Loop constructs in Scratch can be downloaded from Moti’s ACM Author-Izer page.
  • Download the questionnaires used in that research.

Hebrew language website: http://stwww.weizmann.ac.il/g-cs/scratch/index.html.
Contact: Please send comments and suggestions to: scratch.wis@gmail.com.

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