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Resources from an amazing day of connecting and learning at #edcampmumbai yesterday:

Here are a few photos from EdcampMumbai yesterday!

Rekha Puri is the President and Founder of LINEglobal and the Director of Admissions at The School at Columbia University. In June, we began preparations for EdcampMumbai, India’s first edcamp. Yesterday was the big event, and I’m proud, relieved, and just amazed that it happened and that people were so generous with their resources: time, space, sharing, willingness, enthusiasm.

Oberoi International School and Head of School, Dr. Vladimir D. Kuskovski, hosted EdcampMumbai at their fabulous school, and having wifi, projectors, air-conditioning, and delicious food available was awesome. Oberoi’s Director of Marketing, Saroni Ghosh, is an organizational powerhouse with few rivals. Their IT Director, Puja┬áSrivastava, is my Indian soul sister. She shared her philosophy of digital citizenship, technology integration, and parent/student/teacher partnerships and I almost nodded my head off in agreement.

I am grateful that teachers from all over Mumbai and beyond showed up and were willing to embrace the un-conference model which was new to many of the attendees. Having an empty session board was a bit unnerving to people, and some admitted they didn’t decide to show up until they saw topics being populated on the digital schedule posted on our website. (I entered sessions digitally as soon as they were tacked to the actual physical board). There was much sharing and networking. I watched teachers swap email addresses, business cards, Twitter handles, and Google+ invites.

A few people had prepared actual lectures for their session, and they saw their hour as an opportunity to present for an hour. I tried to gently suggest before and during the sessions that the purpose of these blocks of time was to offer a space where folks could talk/share/question/discuss with each other.

I am hopeful that EdcampMumbai becomes an annual tradition, and Rekha and I are hopeful more cities in India use the unconference model to gather educators and build community.


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Working with @LINEglobal to organize @edcampmumbai (India’s first #edcamp!) taking place in October 2013!


Rekha Puri is the Director of Admissions at The School at Columbia University. She is also the founder of LINEglobal (@LINEglobal). As per their website’s mission page, LINEglobal “aims to create a global support system for educators to enrich their work and to create the greater cross-cultural awareness needed for the world to meet its shared goal of ensuring that every child has a quality education.”

On Thursday, during one of the final faculty meetings of the year, we split up unconference-style to brainstorm possible committees and goals for next year’s theme: The Year of Collaboration. Rekha invited people to her table to discuss global education opportunities. I plopped down in time to hear her say she will be traveling to India in October with a few independent school Heads, including our own Amani Reed, to encourage global collaboration.

I mentioned that my edcampnyc committee had just been discussing possibly holding our 5th event in October and that it would be so cool if there were any edcamps in India to network with. When we looked at the map of edcamps, there weren’t any pins at all in India. I immediately started plotting with Rekha to organize edcampmumbai. Within minutes, we reserved a Gmail address, Twitter handle, and WordPress blog. Within a day, we had a domain name, a logo, a blank session board, a few Twitter followers/retweets, and a registration page ready to go. Rekha will be using her connections in India to partner with a willing school and possible sponsors.

I love making things happen and building community. It would be truly amazing to travel to India for the primary purpose of gathering teachers together to share, network, learn, and inspire. Next, I’m going to peer pressure Tabitha Johnson (@tabletj) and Akio Iida (@dorakio) to organize edcampseoul! They’re moving there this summer to work at Seoul International School, and it would be an awesome way to meet other teachers and form relationships…

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