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Reviewing @The_School’s Responsible Use Policy (RUP) with students on this first day of school:

I meet with each learning group in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at the beginning of every year to discuss The School’s Responsible Use Policy (RUP). I stress that they should strive to use technology academically, respectfully, and responsibly both in their professional life and their personal life. I also remind them that everything they do online is public, permanent, and traceable. We review the RUP point by point and share examples of poor choices and wise choices. They are to bring it home and get it signed by a grownup before they are allowed to use their assigned laptop for school projects. Our RUP is pasted below:

The School’s Responsible Use Policy

The School’s students will use its technology facilities in the spirit of The School’s code of conduct and in a responsible and legal manner, following the rules listed below:


• I will always use school technology with consideration and respect for others and myself.

• I will not eat food or drink beverages while working with electronic devices.

• I will be responsible for my device’s whereabouts at all times. If I am not using my device, I will return it to a charging station or its proper place.

E-mail and Communication

• I will use electronic mail only for school-related purposes. I will never use abusive or profane language in public or private messages.

• I will not access my personal e-mail account, social networking sites, or personal instant messaging software from any school computer.

• I will not use others’ names or passwords.


• I will ask a teacher for permission before I download or install anything from the Internet.

• I will keep my network and electronic mail account passwords private.


• I will use teacher-approved software when given permission at appropriate times.

• I will not illegally copy or download software or media (games, MP3s, etc.)


• I will not shop online or make any purchases using a school device.

• I will not visit inappropriate websites. Teachers and administrators will determine appropriateness.

I understand that failure to follow these rules when using The School’s technology, whether at The School or off-campus, will result in suspension of my technology privileges and/or additional disciplinary action.

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