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Magical day facilitating 6th grade water rockets with @benedickraikes! @The_School #scichat #STEM #MakerEd

I had such a great day with Ben Raikes (@benedickraikes) and the 6th graders! I  spent much of it (freezing) in the park to accompany our three separate learning groups as they tested their water rocket launchers. Many thanks to Katie Klein (@KKleinNYC) and Jazmin Sherwood for helping so generously at today’s soft launch too! 

Some groups noticed a few design flaws with their launcher and now have a bit of problem solving to do before Monday’s official class-wide launch. Either their collar was too loose, pieces weren’t fully glued together, screws needed to be tightened, or clamps needs to be height-adjusted. So much prototyping and learning!

Check out how Ben bravely and manually facilitated lift off for many of the rockets in the video below…

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