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Photos from @edcampSG in Singapore over the weekend. Thanks to @KimBeeman @TanglinTrust @library_TTS for hosting!


Yay for another global edcamp experience! It was so awesome to be a part of edcampSG in Singapore and connect with educators from a few different countries around SouthEast Asia. Kim Beeman and her fabulous team at Tanglin Trust School‘s libraries hosted the event. We had a lovely turnout! I always say that whoever shows up to either the event or to a particular session are the “right people.” That is not to say that others are “wrong people,” just that the people who are there are the meant to be there for that conversation or that experience.

There were only a few people at edcampSG who had ever experienced an unconference before, nevertheless attendees jumped in, and the session board filled up with interesting topics. Throughout the day, rooms were filled with lively discussions and opportunities for teachers to share resources and best practices with each other. We had a large paper session board that I migrated to a digital Google Sheet linked from the edcampSG website. Each cell of the spreadsheet included the name of the session and a link to a Google Doc so attendees could collaborate and gather shared notes from each session. I stressed that while the Law of Two Feet is an important part of any unconference or “open space” experience, I always take it personally when people leave the room. Haha. Seriously though, even if you’re not in the room, you can still learn from that conversation by checking out the #edcampSG hashtag (and the @edcampSG account) on Twitter and glancing through the notes from any particular conversation. Thank you to everyone who helped with the notetaking!

It was awesome that Sylvia Martinez could join too! She was in Sydney last week and will be in Singapore this week for World Edu Lead, so it was such a special experience to hang out at edcamp and afterwards for a few meals and some sightseeing. ­čś╗

Finally, one of the attendees talked about launching edcampNingbo next year! I counseled her to establish a Gmail address and a Twitter account in order to start planning for her event. After confirming a date and location, everything will follow from there. That was pretty much the best thing that could happen after an already really awesome event. ­čÖé

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Photos from the amazing Library@Orchard in Singapore! #SG #libchat

Yet another reason to be thankful to Katie Day! She took us to visit the amazing Library @ Orchard in Singapore this afternoon! There are lovely design elements, well-laid out flexible and collaborative spaces, interesting resources displayed in innovative ways, and NO children’s section. This is intentional since the library is in a mall, and I guess they don’t want parents dropping off kids and shopping while treating the library like an IKEA day care station. 

Check out their opening hours below. They’re open for long hours basically all year…´╗┐



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Photos from @UWCSEA_East’s libraries with @KimBeeman. Thanks @librarianedge & @barb_philip! #libchat


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Co-presenting “DIY PD” and “Digital Resources” with @KimBeeman at @UWCSEA_East’s #TeachUp today!

I’m in Singapore for a few days to visit a smattering of┬áschools, reunite with a college friend, and co-present with Kim Beeman (@KimBeeman).┬áKim is the Head Librarian at Shrewsbury International School.┬áShe and I were graciously invited to┬áSingapore by Katie Day (@librarianedge). Katie is the remarkably knowledgable, innovative, and inspiring Head of Libraries at UWCSEA East, and I met her at the Librarians’ Knowledge Sharing Workshop┬áKim hosted last month at her school in Bangkok. Kim and I are exceedingly excited to be here for┬áthe following two events:

Our first presentation is full of resources for educators to take control of their professional development, DIY PD. We hope to demonstrate a variety of models to actively learn and network via Twitter chats, unconferences, webinars, PLNs, digital spaces, and Google Hangouts. These are just a few of the ways to propel and sustain personal growth and join a vast online/offline participatory culture of learners.  

Our second presentation is about Digital Literacies┬áand contains resources for ethically locating, gathering, and using┬ádigital media. We’ll also talk about standards, literacies, and citizenship. ┬á

As per the TeachUp website: TeachUp is a mini-conference for anyone involved in teaching looking for peer-delivered professional development. Share and learn tried-and-tested new ideas with others. TeachUp meetings will take place three times a year and are for anyone involved in teaching: teachers, Heads of Departments, Principals, librarians, administrators and support staff.



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