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Printing posters for our 3rd annual 8th grade #InsideOutProject at @The_School! #artsed


This is the third year that 8th graders from The School at Columbia University have participated in the global Inside Out Project. JR launched the Inside Out Project from the TED stage in 2011, and I was immediately inspired to do a group action project with my students. The 8th curriculum centers around a Social Justice theme, and JR’s talk was about Social Action and how Art can change the world.

In previous years, I partnered with Yoshiko Maruiwa to lead an Inside Out elective for about 13 students. This year, the whole Art Team is on board! I’m so excited that Kim Lane, Lindsay Calhoun, and Katelin O’Hare have joined forces with me and Yoshiko to make the project an even richer and more collaborative experience. Our theme is See, Hear, Speak and addresses the students’ pledge to speak out against injustice that they witness in the world.

I’ll upload our group action to the official Inside Out Project website, and we’ll receive large format posters (3′ x 5′) to offer our students. In the meantime, I’m totally taking advantage of our HP Designjet T120 to make smaller versions (2′ x 3′) to hang in the numerous window panes of our Art Studio. The students are hanging their portraits on Wednesday, and it’s going to be amazing…

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3D-printed prosthetic hands, social justice, and other 4th grade achievements with @DylanMRyder:

A little while ago, I shared the above video with the faculty. I wanted them to know we were much nearer the time when the 3D-printer would be a plug-and-play technology that didn’t require constant maintenance and attention. I also hoped to reinforce the awesome possibilities of 3D-printing and it’s impact on the world. (Remember how President Obama included a plug 3D printing in this year’s State of the Union address?)

Dylan Ryder and I were (at the time) trying to get our Makerbot Replicator2 to successfully and consistently work. I was antsy to finally print out some 6th grade math models, while Dylan and his students in the Maker Club were excited to build and assemble a robot hand. Dylan had been hoping to also initiate a prosthetic limb unit in 4th grade and bring the hand as an incentive. After watching the video I sent, Kate Berten, a 4th grade teacher here at The School at Columbia University, contacted Dylan about prototyping a social justice-inspired unit in the Spring about assistive technologies. As it turned out, the hand Dylan’s students were waiting to print was the same prosthetic hand that the kid in the video was wearing!

The installation of our new updated spring-loaded motor block has allowed us to finally build a Snap Together Robohand. Now, I just have to buy elastic string this afternoon in order to complete the working model…


Here is a 61-page PDF of instructions from @Makerbot for the Snap Together Robohand :

And here are the downloadable files from the Thingiverse for the pieces of the Snap Together Robohand:

And here is another inspiring video of a class working to design a prosthetic device for their classmate: http://www.fox19.com/story/24256073/northern-ky-seventh-grader-gets-help-from-her-classmates


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Excited for today’s panel to launch our annual 8th grade Social Action Project at @The_School. #edchat


The 8th grade is kicking off their annual Social Action Project with a panel of activists in the library organized by their teachers. We’re hoping to inspire the kids to find something they’re passionate about and make efforts (if not strides!) towards doing something about it. This is also my yearly goal for TEDxYouth@TheSchool

Today’s panelists include:

Jenelle Marlborough, artist and owner of First World Trash (proxy presentation by David Lebson – 8th grade Science teacher)

Leo Liebeskind, student and musician currently on tour for a month for The Tour on Poverty (proxy presentation by Eve Becker – 8th grade English teacher and Leo’s mom )

Aurora Cerda, owner of La Casa Azul Bookstore in El Barrio. Article about the bookstore is here.

Monica Novoa, writer at Color Lines Magazine

Jaime Lin-Lewis, Executive Director at Border Crossers

Keith Jensen (@paintpenart), Creative Director, founder of the “Free Art” project, volunteer at Art Start. Keith’s website: http://www.clearlykeith.com.

Olivia Cassin, staff attorney in the Immigration Law Unit of the Legal Aid Society and Adjunct Professor of Immigration Law at Columbia Law School

MaryBeth Apriceno, grant writer at Emerge Lanka

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Working with 8th graders in Art to participate in JR’s #InsideOut Project!

Last week, 8th graders chose an elective for their upcoming multi-week unit in Art (starting tomorrow). The four art teachers will each lead a different project for the next 10 classes, and the offered choices were a modified Tools At Schools project, reimagining/repurposing a book, transformational sculptures, and the InsideOut project. Out of the pool of 42 or so 8th graders at The School, 10 chose to work with me and Yoshiko Maruiwaand be a part of InsideOut!

InsideOut was conceived by this year’s TED prize winner, JR. As per his bio on TED.com, JR, a semi-anonymous French street artist, uses his camera to show the world its true face, by pasting photos of the human face across massive canvases. At TED2011, he makes his audacious TED Prize wish: to use art to turn the world inside out.”

JR took his prize monies and is using it to print large-scale posters of images sent in from all over the world. The guidelines are short, sweet, simple and listed on InsideOut’s website:

INSIDE OUT is a large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. Upload a portrait. Receive a poster. Paste it for the world to see.

Yoshiko and I are excited to have conversations with the kids about JR’s global art projects, social justice through Art, Art History, public versus private space, legal and illegal installations, community, representations of self, political ramifications, and so much more. Also, I’m working to organize a second annual TEDxYouth@TheSchool on November 19th, and it would be great to have the 8th graders talk about this project to the audience.

Now to locate legal and public wall space to hang their posters…


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