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Excited for our #EdCamp panel at the #140edu conference in NYC Aug 2-3.

Below is an excerpt from http://140edu.com/

“Welcome to #140edu: Exploring the State of Education NOW

This event will be taking place August 2nd and 3rd at the 92nd Street Y in New York City.

Ever since the first #140conf event in New York City back in June 2009, we have been looking at the effects of the real-time web on Education. To date, the #140conf events have provided a platform for: students, elementary and secondary school teachers, college professors and high school principals. At a recent #140conf it was said that “in 1920 being illiterate meant not being able to read or write. In 2010 being illiterate means not knowing how to surf the net.”

In an attempt to provide more attention and more voices to the educators of the world, we [Jeff Pulver @jeffpulver] have partnered with Chris Lehmann (@chrislehmann) – Principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia.

The changes in the way we live our lives must create change in the way we teach and learn. The real-time web should create profound changes in the way we think about what, how and why students and teachers can do, create and communicate. The very nature of what we consider “school” should be radically different given the powerful reach of the communicate tools our students have at their disposal. #140edu is dedicated to exploring and expanding that change.”

To attend for only $1.40:
1. Visit http://edu2011.140conf.com/register
2. Use promotion code edu11

See the whole scedule of events here: http://edu2011.140conf.com/schedule

I’m excited to be included on a panel Aug 3rd at 3:15pm discussing the EdCamp model.

The session is: Educators Taking Control of their Own Professional Development: The Edcamp Model.
The listed participants are all people I know and respect greatly:
Ann Leaness (@aleaness) – HS English Teacher, Grad Ed Adjunct and EdCampPhilly co-organizer
Karen Blumberg (@SpecialKRB) – NYCIST President. TEDxNYED, TEDxYouth@TheSchool, EdCampNYC, RoboExpo organizer.
Meenoo Rami (@mrami2) – HS English teacher- Founder & moderator of #engchat. Teacher-Consultant for #nwp through #philwp and teacher at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia
Shelly S Terrell (@ShellTerrell) – Educator, tech trainer, Edtech, Elearning, TEFL. #Edchat coordinator


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