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Photos from the Visible Futures Lab at the School of Visual Arts. #d32015 @VFLab @SVA_News

Visible Futures Lab at SVA
Run by Tak, Boris, and John

Lab service for all the 22 SVA grad programs – rotating use of space in the lab (set design, fashion, props, design projects) by appointment-only consultations and one-on-one lessons

$1.5 million space

Padded floor so as not to transfer vibrations to lower floors. 

Space for making fast prototyping and interactive design
Can accommodate projects using wood, plastic, metal, electronics 

Tak and Jaymes Dec are founders of the Nerdy Derby

Garage door divider that comes down to separate the space

Casters on every piece of large furniture for flexible design

3 different heights of work tables. 

Roland VersaCAMM printer and cutter VS-300
Janome MB-4 sewing machine system

Lots of other machines 

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Guest lecturing at the School of Visual Arts at 3pm. Thanks, Jaime!

In about an hour, I’ll be guest lecturing at The School of Visual Arts for graduate students in the Masters in Art Education program. Jaime Permuth invited me, and I gave him many opportunities to rescind the invitation. Jaime is a photographer and faculty member at SVA. He wants me to share some of what/how/why I do what I do with his graduate students. As I’m more inclined to “wing it” at most of my public speaking opportunities, I told him I’d gift him with actually trying to formulate a talk in advance. I sort of lied about that, but here are topics I plan to touch upon:

Jaime says that his students use technology and art making to explore and talk about their personal identities in the hopes that, as teachers, they’ll model for their students how to build more tolerant societies. How great is that?

Side note (or “How I met Jaime”): Jaime invited me to be his friend on Facebook a few months ago. Not knowing who he was, I was immediately skeptical, and ignored the request. A few weeks later, Don Buckley (The Director of Technology at The School at Columbia University) was hosting some visitors from The School of Visual Arts. After shaking hands with them, I realized one of them was Jaime, and I immediately accused him of trying to friend me on Facebook. Jaime’s response was, “Why wouldn’t I? Your Facebook profile is linked to your website!” We then talked about how I treat Facebook and Twitter connections differently. While I don’t fool myself that Facebook is private, I think of Facebook as having a thicker veneer of privacy than Twitter, and almost all of my Facebook contacts have shaken my hand (and/or hugged me at some point). So, after shaking Jaime’s hand, I friended him on Facebook.


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