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iBallz are an amazing way to protect your tablet! @i_ballz

@i_ballz are a well-designed and unique way to protect a variety of tablets and devices (and provide seemingly endless opportunities for low-brow jokes). They cost $24.95 retail, and he price goes down to $15 or less for schools. They come in a few colors, and there’s a mini version for smaller tablets and Kindles. I can totally see having a bunch of them in a bucket next to the charging cabinet. Then kids strap on the balls when they take an iPad to use for class. Depending on the charging cabinet, the iBallz could just stay on all the time.

The guys behind iBallz are a dynamic duo based out of San Francisco. They also designed a great holdover iPad case Check our their website at

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July 1, 2014 · 12:15 pm

Video of the Snap Together Robohand I made with @dylanmryder:

Here is a 61-page PDF of instructions from @Makerbot for the Snap Together Robohand :

And here are the downloadable files from the Thingiverse for the pieces of the Snap Together Robohand:

Here is my previous post about it:

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December 20, 2013 · 11:47 am