Just learned about @VisionObjects and #MyScript handwriting recognition software via @dheld.

I just heard about Vision Objects from David Held (@dheld) ), Director of Technology at Poughkeepsie Day School. @VisionObjects’s Twitter bio states: Vision Objects develops MyScript best-in-class handwriting recognition technology which converts your notes and drawings to their digital counterparts. David tested it on his iPad, and the software recognized math equations and other handwriting written with a mouse or stylus on a desktop or iPad.

From the company’s main site: http://webdemo.visionobjects.com/

Writing has been used for thousands of years to communicate and inform. In an increasingly digital world, Vision Objects delivers a way to create digital information using handwriting through pen-based user interfaces (Stylus and Digital Pen): MyScript handwriting recognition…in more than 85 languages

From their edutainment link: http://www.visionobjects.com/en/solution-for/edutainement/description/

With MyScript handwriting recognition, students and pupils can use educational software in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard or at home on an Internet tablet for a new and better experience…Here are just a few educational software examples among the numerous possibilities afforded by MyScript handwriting, shape and equation recognition technology:

  • write “3+12= ”, MyScript comes up with “15” (it is also highly proficient with more complex examples of equation recognition using integrals, large operators, etc)
  • write “Julius Caesar” and MyScript comes up with historic information on the Roman emperor,
  • Write a letter, MyScript tells you if it is correctly shaped,
  • Write a word, MyScript tells you if it is correctly spelt,
  • Draw a calculator and use it as a regular one,
  • Enter text through handwriting in any application requiring text entry (spreadsheet, text editor, search bar, etc), MyScript converts it in digital information in real time.

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