Gathering resources for possibly teaching Python in grades 6-8 at @The_School

Don Buckley and I had a conversation with the Middle School’s Math Department this morning (Katie Reimer, Sabrina Goldberg, Katie Hildebrandt, and Matt Guastavino) to brainstorm how to include a Computer Science strand into the curriculum. Will this take place one period a week which we borrow from Math? Or from Science? Should this course be a free-standing course in lieu of Advisory? Should we pick a programming language and offer three consecutive years of it? Should it be an interpreted rather than a compiled language?

If we start prototyping this initiative after Spring Break (so around April 2), Katie Reimer is particularly interested in using Python to examine functions in 8th grade. Sabrina Goldberg mentioned that she’ll be solving systems of Linear Equations with her 7th graders, and Katie Hildebrandt will be exploring Geometry in 6th grade.

I started a GoogleSite to gather our resources as we begin this initiative to possibly integrate a Computer Science scope and sequence into the Middle School curriculum:

I was really excited to learn that Google offers a collection of resources at Exploring Computational Thinking.

Additionally, has lots of stuff to explore

These look like two good books to buy to begin a library:

Finally, I began researching Twitter accounts to follow as well:

@PlanetPython, @PythonWeekly, @PyCoders, @SciPyTip, @BostonPython, @ThePSF, @PythonCentral, @Python_Tips

Also, I’m much obliged to Adrienne Gifford (@edtechlove) for sharing Exploring Computer Science: A K-12/University Partnership committed to democratizing computer science.

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